PTaQ & Code4Life – invitation

Have you ever wondered if the machine will ever understand natural-language? Do you want to know how does the quality assurance looks in the regulated environments?
Even if not, you can still start a discussion with experienced Data Scientist and ask him: „How does he test his machine recognition systems?” and challenge Validation Expert with the question „Who test the Testers?”

Poznań Testing and Quality Group together with Code4Life invite you for a fascinating journey beyond testing, with two presentations and cross-silo networking.


1. Do androids read about electric sheep? Machine reading comprehension algorithms by Marek Grzenkowicz

It has been almost 10 years since Watson beat human contestants on Jeopardy. Computers are better than our chess or Go grandmasters. They fly rockets in space and drive cars. But they still cannot read and understand books. Why is it so hard and how far are computer algorithms from human-level natural language understanding?

2. Validation Myths Buster by Paweł Dobracki

Are you satisfied with your Testing experience? Would you like to do something meaningful in your Job? Testing is a part of Validation activities in regulated areas (like pharma) which has grown under some myths. Gain some understanding of Validation and how that relates to your Testing world.

A few words about participants:

Marek Grzenkowicz has 15+ years of professional IT experience and he has spent half of this time at Roche Global IT Solution Centre in Poznan. He started as a Business Intelligence developer, then moved to Big Data and finally settled in the realm of Data Science. His main focus is natural language processing in different shades and flavours – chatbots, automatic speech recognition, knowledge extraction, optical character recognition, text analytics.

Paweł Dobracki, Software Validation Expert from Roche. He has started as a Software Tester, then evolved to become a Validation Lead. Within his over 10 years experience in Roche, he provides training, guidance and expertise, set up strategies, and goals supporting GxP systems in clinical, regulatory, safety and manufacturing areas.

1. Introduction and Warm-Up
2. Do androids read about electric sheep? Machine reading comprehension algorithms by Marek Grzenkowicz
3. Validation Myths Buster by Paweł Dobracki
4. Networking & Meetup Closure

When: 6th of June (Thursday) 2019, 6PM
Where: Roche Global IT Solution Centre in Poznań, Baraniaka 88A,  building B

The meet up is free and you need to save your spot at