PTaQ LVI – invitation

We would like to invite you to the 56th PTaQ Group meetup. This time we will meet at SII Poznań Office

When? 23rd of October 2018, 18:00

Where? SII, Business Link Poznań Maraton, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 43

Registration? Yes,

What Language? The whole meetup will be in English


  1. Implementing testing framework in 1 hour, Anastasiia Naboikina
  2. Keeping testers alive in Devops world, Vipin Jain

More details:

  1. Implementing testing framework in 1 hourEver wondered where to start when writing a testing framework from scratch?
    – We’ll try to achieve this knowledge during the webinar. We’ll cover the topics of „where to start” and „what are the most important parts of” any testing framework. Writing testing frameworks can be challenging, so we will go through the best practices and approaches of doing that. The goal of this presentation will be to create a simple, but extendable framework architecture (with one or more tests) that you will be able to extend in the future. At the end of the meeting, the framework will be fully functioning.
    We will focus mainly on API-based tests, so if you did not have any experience with API testing before, you can gain some knowledge in this domain as well 🙂
    The meeting will be very interactive: no presentation, only code with explanation and your questions being answered. Feel free to setup your PC and follow by the implementation flow during the meeting.
    Technologies that will be used:
    Python 3 / Pytest / unittest / virtualenv
    Important! As said above, this is not going to be a regular presentation, but more of a workshop style, so feel free to bring your computer and follow the coding. To be prepared you’ll need an internet connection and to install Python3, create a folder for the framework, [optionally] create virtual env and prepare some IDE (I really advise using PyCharm Community Edition).A few words from Anastasiia:Originally I am from Ukraine, but I have moved to Poland 5 years ago. Before my study in the University, I was more into foreign languages than computer science, but a bit of luck and courage gave me this wonderful opportunity to try myself in automated testing. Now I work not only with test automation but also with web development. I’ve been working at Sii as Senior Test Development Engineer since 2017, testing intelligent homes systems. My previous experience is connected with cloud-based technologies (SaaS, IaaS) and medical devices testing. Overall I have more than 7 years of experience in test automation. My favourite programming languages are Python and JavaScript. I also find myself very interested in various infrastructure related tasks, such as setting up Jenkins and Dockerized deployments. And… I have lots of hobbies 🙂 I compose music, sing, play keyboard (mostly jazz), paint, play mahjong and do different sports.
  2. Searching QA in DevOps world

    By Embracing DevOps, the evolution continues to embrace new technology and to push new software releases to production. The time to market is accelerated that has resulted in an improvement of overall customer experience. However, just like any other evolution, this is equally challenging both in terms of technology as well as culturally. Although the name suggests only development and operations are the key areas, testing is equally affected here. With each experience and each project, there are new obstacles that come in front of teams. Embracing DevOps doesn’t mean all that has been done and achieved goes waste and we have to do everything from start. The biggest challenge is to apply it keeping existing organizational structure as-is. This can be possible only when the communication and collaboration between all IT teams, dev, QA and ops is improved. The old mindset of running organizations saw developers, testers and operations engineer functioned as three teams, each having his own responsibilities and challenges. They just function as distinct teams with few managers that ensure to keep them connected. With DevOps, the onus falls on testers to see if they can remain connected and unified under DevOps Flag.With DevOps getting embraced everywhere, the QA somehow felt left behind. Developers tend to do everything, and that scares QA. The truth is that the QAs are needed as always, but they have to upgrade. They have to adapt to the emerging technologies and embrace this fast pace evolution. What all they can do apart from testing to be considered as an important part of the team? This paper is my journey to answer this question and explain the approach adopted in my organization.About Vipin
    Vipin Jain has got 16 year experience in the IT industry. He has accumulated a deep knowledge of software projects, their methodologies and quality. He has dedicated the last 13 years of his professional career to the Quality area. Currently working with Astegic Infosoft as Director QA, he is involved in establishing QCE at his company and is heading the delivery operations. An avid Speaker and writer, he loves speaking at conferences and delivered many presentations at national and international levels. He is a member of Review Committees of various international organizations. He will be presenting in Poland in June 2017. He has presented papers in QA&Test, (Bilbao, Spain), 2016, ExpoQA (Madrid, Spain), 2015 and QA&Test, (Bilbao, Spain), 2012. Few of his papers got published in Testing Planet, Nov ‘14 issue, and Testing Planet magazine, in Nov ‘12 issue. He has a proven record of implementing and refining test processes for various clients across the globe. He is also involved in writing several books in Software engineering and web technologies.